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    DM Rebecca

    What other role playing games do you play online that uses a text based system like Outlanda’s Play By Post? Feel free to share your favourites.


    DM Rebecca

    I haven’t played this but thought it might interest Outlanda players so I’m sharing an email I was sent inviting me to check out this Play by Email game.


    I run a retro Play by Email multiplayer game called TribeNet. It is in the build/strategy/campaign genre with historical sensitivity. A new part of the TribeNet world has been opened up for new players and I am looking for a couple of people to take positions.

    TribeNet has been running via email since 1997 and as a PBM before that, dating back to 1988. Its origins were in the Victorian Diplomacy Club in Australia in the early 90’s.

    If you have played Civilisation, Diplomacy or negotiation/strategy style games in general you will have something of the idea of TribeNet. But it is slower paced and is for those who like to ponder their move over a week or so and talk with other players during this period.

    It offers a simulation of medieval developments in Europe (and also offers the player the opportunity to put their own stamp on the game). TribeNet involves both micro and micro management but construction of Orders takes only 10-20 minutes.

    As well players have forged local and international friendships and connections with like-minded folk.

    Anyway, if you think you might be interested you can ask for the FAQS which give you a broad overview and/or the rules and other info from me here or at email: [email withheld for privacy but if you’d like me to forward your details to Peter just let me know]

    cheers peter

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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